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"My pledge to District 2 entails a steadfast dedication to serving with unwavering ethics, instilling TRUST, and upholding the highest standards of integrity. My mission is to foster and maintain the public's trust and confidence in our government."
Economic Development:

Whitney Kenner-Jones is dedicated to driving economic growth in Douglas County Commissioner District 2. With a focus on attracting more businesses and supporting the local economy, Whitney will work to create an environment that fosters entrepreneurship and job opportunities. By advocating for strategic initiatives and partnerships, she aims to make our district an attractive destination for businesses, ultimately boosting economic prosperity for everyone.

Access to Employment and Workforce Support

Recognizing the importance of a robust workforce, Whitney Kenner-Jones prioritizes enhancing access to employment opportunities and providing support for a stronger workforce. By collaborating with local businesses, educational institutions, and workforce development programs, she will strive to create pathways for skill development, job training, and employment placement. Whitney aims to empower individuals in District 2 with the tools and resources needed to build successful careers and contribute to the community's economic vitality.

Supporting a Healthy Community

Whitney is committed to leveraging the natural beauty of Douglas County's parks and trails to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Recognizing the direct link between physical activity and well-being, she will work to expand community engagement through various activities. Whether it's organizing fitness programs, outdoor events, or promoting recreational sports, Whitney's goal is to enhance the quality of life for residents. By fostering a culture of health and wellness, she envisions a community that thrives both physically and socially, making Douglas County an even better place to live and work.

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